October 6, 2009

CCBS Director to address EU OPEN DAYS workshop

As part of the EU’s OPEN DAYS 2009, Director Andy Pollak will address a workshop under the theme ‘Territorial cooperation: Working together across borders’ in Brussels on 6 October. He will speak as part of a team assembled by the French government’s Mission Opérationelle Transfrontaliere (MOT) cross-border cooperation agency on how cross-border services in health, education and training and citizens information work (and might work better) to assist citizens of the Irish-Northern Irish border region. The workshop will take place in the European Commission, Centre Borschette, from 2.30-6.15 pm, and will also be addressed by the vice-president of MOT, Alain Lamassoure MEP, and speakers from the German-Polish and Hungarian-Slovakian border regions.

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