September 1, 2000

From Concept to Realisation : An Evaluation of CAWT

CAWT Evaluation cover

In June 2000, the Centre for Cross Border Studies was commissioned by the CAWT Management Board to undertake an independent evaluation of the CAWT organisation. The evaluation, which was prepared at a time when CAWT was actively considering its future role, aimed to serve three main functions:

  • the need for accountability to the border population, stakeholder organisations and funders;
  • the need to assess the extent to which the co-operation process has been fully embedded into the mainstream health and social care structures of the four health boards;
  • the need to identify ways in which the experiences of CAWT could be used to inform future cross-border working/ projects.

CAWT (an acronym for Co-operation And Working Together) was initiated in 1992 with the Ballyconnell Agreement between the North Eastern and North Western Health Boards in the Republic of Ireland and the Southern and Western Health and Social Services Boards in Northern Ireland.

See North/South Health Services study day, press release and final report.