August 1, 2007

Borders, Beds and Health: A Pilot Study Modelling All-Ireland Hospital Accessibility

In partnership with Dr Ronan Foley and Dr Martin Charlton, Centre for GeoComputational Research, NUI Maynooth.

There has been increasing interest shown in recent years by both civil servants and academics in both Irish jurisdictions in modelling economic and social structures across the whole island, with health services being one of the key areas explored. The Centre previously commissioned a review of the configuration of acute hospital services and identified considerable potential for cross-border collaboration in hospital services, particularly in the border region (see Jamison and Butler, 2007).

Subsequently the Centre approached the National Centre for Geocomputational research to critically explore the potential for developing a GIS-based spatial model of access to hospitals on an all-island basis. This initial pilot study has a single research aim: to develop a robust model of spatial accessibility which would be realistic enough to satisfy health care planners while also being technically sound enough to satisfy GIS modellers. It takes a geographical or spatial approach to measuring accessibility to acute hospitals modelling the relative impact of the border.

See in the paper “Surveying the Sickbeds: Initial Steps towards Modelling All-Island Hospital Accessibility
by Ronan Foley, Martin Charlton and Patricia Clarke and
“Removing the Barriers: An Initial Report on the Potential for Cross-Border Co-operation in Hospital Services in Ireland”
by Dr Jim Jamison and Dr Michelle Butler