May 1, 2005 Details collected of over 2300 cross-border activities involving over 3000 contacts, North and South

Date Milestsone
29 March 2006 Minister for Finance, Brian Cowen TD to launch Border Ireland
20 September 2005 Border Ireland enters prelaunch phase – visit the website for more details
20 September 2005 Crossing the Information Border: Joint Border Ireland / Borderwise conference
25 May 2005 Data collection in Northern government Departments underway.

OFMDFM request Northern Ireland departments and agencies to identify relevant cross-border information for inclusion in Border Ireland.

1 May 2005 Border Ireland: Details collected of over 2300 cross-border activities involving over 3000 contacts, North and South

Border Ireland has now captured information on over 600 publications and 2300 activities across a range of sectors including agriculture, community development, culture, economic development, education, environment, health, tourism, training and development and transport. Border Ireland has documented cross-border work involving over 3000 contacts (individuals and organisations) and 20 different sources of funding.

12 April 2005 Border Ireland pre-release to seminar members

A demonstration version was released today to a small reference group (28 people) for their comments and feedback. The demonstration version was made available for one week and contains only a fraction of the information we have collected so far, concentrating on the agriculture, education and health sectors.

6 September 2004 Border Ireland Information Seminar

The Centre has invited key players from Ireland , North and South to a seminar to demonstrate the potential of Border Ireland using some of the information we have generated to date. This seminar will provide a unique opportunity to express how the continued development of Border Ireland could meet organisation’s cross-border information needs.

1 May 2004 Identifed 800 activites with 500 contacts
1 September 2003 IT leader and information assistant appointed to Border Ireland project
1 May 2003 Border Ireland project commences