November 30, 2014

Border Roads to Memories and Reconciliation

The website of the Border Roads to Memories and Reconciliation project has recently gone ‘live’ at

‘Border Roads to Memories and Reconciliation’ gave residents along both sides of the border an opportunity to remember and express their feelings in relation to the closure of border roads and the impact that it had on their lives. The project digitally recorded 149 interviews and linked these accounts with recovered photographs taken at the time of the road closures and newspaper articles that covered the events. A number of showcase events in October and November provided an opportunity for the team to introduce the project’s interactive website to people across the border counties. CCBS Director, Ruth Taillon was guest speaker at the 6 November event in Enniskillen. At the event she praised the project, saying, “I believe that it is a very important piece of work that will be a priceless resource for many years to come. … This project has … allowed people, many for the first time, to tell their stories and for those stories to be heard. It has already made a real contribution to better understanding within and across communities. But more importantly, it’s now here as a resource for others who want to rebuild those broken relationships and the reverse the isolation and the social and economic decline of border communities. … People need to know about it. People need to use it and hopefully build upon it. So thank you again, to all those who worked so hard to make it happen.“