July 1, 2006

Border Ireland: Phase II 2006-2008

The main objective for Phase II is to firmly establish Border Ireland as a portal for information on and communication for cross-border co-operation on the island of Ireland. There are four key elements to Phase II of the project:

  1. The development of a range of interactive facilities on the Border Ireland website – including a cross-border media centre, an online moderated forum, graphical displays of cross-border co-operation and an e-mail alert system.
  2. The targeted promotion of Border Ireland to establish 500 regular users of the website.
  3. The establishment of a project planning group to assist in the creation of consensus on the future development of cross-border co-operation and the holding of two major information days on topics of interest.
  4. The development of a range of support materials for Border Ireland – including a short paper on the rationale for cross-border co-operation, a series of sectoral insights on the extent of co-operation, and a major research project into the use of new technologies for developing sustainable cross-border links.

See more details on Border Ireland.