May 1, 2003


Visit and discover what it can do for you

The Centre has developed Border Ireland an on-line information signposting system to direct people to existing points of cross-border information in the public domain.

The website acts as a one-stop shop for researchers, policy makers, community development workers, businesses and the general public providing, for the first time, an electronic gateway to the full range of cross-border research material, publications, funding opportunities and other information available in Ireland, North and South and, in particular, to material that has been relatively underused in the past. The system provides a central point for supporting and developing constructive relationships in the wider community, enabling groups from both jurisdictions to share their experiences and to research the practical experience of working on a cross-border basis within the dimensions of the Good Friday Agreement.

Border Ireland provides:

  • Access to an online searchable database of all cross-border information in the areas of Education, Health, Agriculture, Transport, Environment, and Tourism
  • The combined knowledge of Ireland’s universities, institutes of technology, colleges of further education, student sectors, policy-making institutes, businesses, community development workers, private consultants and voluntary sector workers
  • Research summaries, free of jargon, written in plain English, quick to read and easy to understand with an emphasis on policy relevance
  • E-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers, hyperlinks to and information about source materials to ease the flow of knowledge and advice between information generators and information users
  • Good practice guides to producing and disseminating quality cross-border information
  • Moderated networking platforms for discussing cross-border issues
  • Efficient and cost-effective dissemination channels allowing you to reach a wide audience with your work

See details of Phase I and Phase II of the project.