Strategic Goals

1. To enhance delivery of high quality research and services


  • Research and analysis, with an increased focus on applied research and policy;
  • Analysis of cross border lessons from other organisations and regions;
  • Information and training resources which are accessible and relevant to a range of audiences;
  • Training in practical skills to enable more effective cross-border co-operation;
  • Dissemination of up-to-date and accessible information;
  • Evidence-based advocacy of cross-border cooperation and cross-border solutions;
  • Provision of secretariat services to all-island and cross-border bodies; and
  • Management and organisation of events to aid dissemination and networking.

2. To enhance and further develop networks and relationships with key partners at local, regional, national, EU and international levels


  • Partnerships and strategic alliances;
  • Facilitation of dialogue and networking;
  • Increased outreach to policy and decision-makers;
  • Strengthened links with the community and voluntary sector; and
  • Enhanced links with academia.