About Border Ireland

Border Ireland is an online searchable database of cross-border information produced by EU-funded programmes, government departments, academic researchers and other key information providers in Ireland, North and South. The information on this website is a subset of the complete dataset held on a storage database within the Centre for Cross Border Studies.

In its early years of existence the Centre for Cross Border Studies has developed a high quality, reputable programme of cross-border research and dissemination.

The Centre initiated Border Ireland to centralise the very large amount of uncoordinated and fragmented information about the Irish border region and cross-border co-operation.

By bridging the information gap, improving information availability and facilitating a network of cross-border, cross-community and cross-sectoral relationships, the development and use of Border Ireland will ensure that cross-border decisions within the public and the private sector are developed on the basis of sound information.

**Please note that funding for this project ended in 2009 so information beyond that period may not be included**



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The Centre has commissioned and published 22 cross-border research projects since 2001.
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The Centre has published 9 Journals annually since 2006.
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