November 22, 2016

2016 Journal of Cross Border Studies in Ireland

Front Cover

The Journal was launched this year at events in Belfast (22 November) and Dublin (24 November).

The 2016 Journal of Cross Border Studies in Ireland is dedicated to the memory of Ann McGeeney, a former Board member of the Centre for Cross Border Studies.  Ann’s close friend and colleague, Kathy Walsh contributes a moving essay, Ann McGeeney: Cross-border peace builder. The Centre was pleased to welcome Ann’s husband, Jimmy Murray and members of the Ann McGeeney Trust Fund, who launched the Ann McGeeney Awards (for peacebuilding and community development/cross-border cooperation) at these events.

The Centre will be assisting the Trust in managing the Awards, the first of which will be presented in 2017.

This year’s Journal has an article on Northern Ireland and the EU Referendum by Dr Mary C Murphy; Revitalising Border Towns and Villages in the Irish Border Region by Ms Caroline Creamer and Dr Neale Blair and the Management of Heritage in Contested Cross-border Contexts by Dr Andrew G McClelland.  Other articles focus on the Cieszyn Silesia Euroregion, the US-Mexico border region and the Franco-Spanish border.

The 2016 Journal of Cross Border Studies in Ireland is now available here


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