May 26, 2013

15 Years On young people’s workshop in Derry

The Centre is one of the partners organising a workshop/master class entitled ’15 Years On: the Next Generation’ as part of the big Rotary/INCORE Global Peace Forum international conference in Derry (Magee College) on Sunday 26th May 2013 (10.00-13.00).

The aim of the workshop is to hear what the younger generation (all the speakers are under 35) think about the successes and failures of the 15 years since the 1998 Belfast/Good Friday Agreement, and, more importantly, what ideas they might have for how we could do better over the next 15 years.

The 15 Years On initiative was set up by a group of people active in peacebuilding, peace research, cross-community and cross-border organisations in December 2012 with the intention of using 2013 to reflect on the successes and failures of the 1998 Agreement and its implementation, and to explore how we might do better in the future. It originated with a proposal from the Centre for Cross Border Studies.

You can find out more about the initiative (and perhaps contribute a blog) on

Workshop speakers

  • Odhran Lusby, 18-year-old school student from Derry’s Waterside
  • Clare Cosgrove, postgraduate student at INCORE, University of Ulster
  • Kellie Turtle, member of Belfast Feminist Network
  • Jonny Currie, East Belfast community development worker
  • Aaron Callan, Ulster Unionist Party and Orange Order member from Limavady
  • Simon Gillespie, UCD law and politics student from Donegal and Sinn Fein member
  • Dr Dirk Schubotz, Director, Northern Ireland Young Life and Times Surveys (who will introduce the workshop)

Further information (including how to register) is available from the Global Peace Forum website

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